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Is there a fee for a Cash Flow Plan?

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Cash Flow Plans are often worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and many Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ charge a fee for this work.

At my firm, we only offer Cash Flow Plans to our exclusive clients. This way, we can ensure that we work with you as a whole client. While we do not charge a fee for these plans, we generally only take on clients we believe would benefit from a Cash Flow Plan so that we can offer the best advice possible to improve your net worth and the value of your income.

Even though we don’t charge fees for Cash Flow Plans, we still adhere to a strict process designed to get you maximum results and, therefore, we still must ensure that you’ll get exponential value from a Cash Flow Plan before recommending it to you. To be clear, our Cash Flow Plans are not a free service—they are an included service for those who choose to deal exclusively with us for their financial needs.

If you’d like to find out more about exponentially increasing the value of your income by getting a Cash Flow Plan contact me…!

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