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Do I have to follow a budget if I get a Cash Flow Plan?

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Do you have to follow a budget if you get a Cash Flow Plan? No. A budget is basically the opposite of a Cash Flow Plan.

Budgets are suitable for short-term projects like renovating a room, or running an event. They often require tracking, envelopes, jars and a lot of sacrifice and fighting. For this reason, we know that budgets don’t work long-term. There is no sense in setting you up for failure—we wouldn’t do that.

With a Cash Flow Plan, you don’t have to track individual expenses, there are no jars of envelopes and you are not told you must eliminate entire types of expenses. A Cash Flow Plan is all about you, and what you value; it’s about what you want from your money now and in the future. This kind of plan will help you see the consequences of choices on your future wants so that you can make the most informed decisions about today’s expenses.

There is nothing worse than trying to white knuckle it with your finances. A Cash Flow Plan gives you the maximum spending freedom in the short term, while still keeping you on track for the long-term.

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