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How do I prepare for a Cash Flow Planning appointment?

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To prepare for your Cash Flow Planning appointment, you’ll connect with our office to book a FREE phone consult. This phone call takes as little as 10-15 minutes and allows us to ensure that Cash Flow Planning is likely to substantially benefit you. If we don’t feel confident the plan will be exponentially valuable to you, we won’t go any further and you’ve only used a very small amount of time to find that out.

Once we know an in-person consult makes sense for you, we require you to submit some information in advance of your first meeting. Time is the only resource that none of us can get more of—so we don’t want you wasting time watching us write down facts and figures.

During your first in-person appointment, we’ll review what’s really important to you—what you want from your money—and then we’ll be able to give you a sense of the actual value a Cash Flow Plan will bring to your life. We’ll discuss the achievability of your goals, show you how much interest and how many years could be saved by managing your debt structure differently, and how to put those savings to work to get you the things you really want—faster!

When you know the effect a Cash Flow Plan could have on your life , then you’ll receive a letter of engagement so you may carefully review what we are all agreeing will make the plan work. We know that you are most likely to see the best results if you get started now. You could be feeling the amazing effects of your cash flow plan in as little as 30 days.

Don’t put it off, call us today or visit our website to schedule your FREE phone consult and find out how much working with a Cash Flow Specialist could change your life!

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